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The official mobile application that Betway has created for bringing all its services to the palm of the hand of their customers is almost universally praised. After reading many comments in internet written by people who Betway app download in various different tablets and phones, it is possible to notice that one of its most highlighted aspects is how light it is. Meaning that it can be used in almost every device currently in the market.

This has been achieved thanks to the careful work undertaken by the company, which a few months ago released the latest version of the software which offers to its customers most of the features that they know and love.

Readers of this article will be able to learn why the Betway mobile app currently enjoys a very positive evaluation. However, before doing that, there will be two guides that will explain how to Betway app download in Android and iOS.

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Obtaining the Betway apk and installing it in Android gadgets

Unfortunately the current terms of use of Google Play forbid developers from sharing applications of casinos or online betting that involve the use of real money. This means that the software developed by bookmakers, including the Betway app of course, are banned from this commerce.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to obtain the program. Not at all, because it is possible (and perfectly safe) to Betway app download directly from the bookmaker’s website. If someone wants to know how to install the application in their phone or tablet, it is necessary to do the following steps:

  1. Visit the Betway website by using an internet browser in the smartphone or tablet where the customer would like to set up the program
  2. In the webpage scroll down to the very bottom, and from their access the downloads section
  3. Tap over the desired bet or casino application in order to begin the download of its respective Betway apk
  4. Open the installer and follow the instructions displayed on screen

Now it is necessary to take a small break, because in a great majority of cases the user will see an error appearing in the screen. It will basically state that it is not possible to install apk files obtained outside of different sources (such as the Samsung Store, Google Play or others), due to the security configuration.

However, this is not a reason to stop, as this is a simple security measure that must be turned off, and once again, this action is perfectly safe to do. For being able to continue the installation of the Betway apk it is necessary to follow these additional steps:

  1. Head on to the main configuration of the device, and from there find the security menu
  2. Over there an option called “unknown sources” should appear, which should be turned off when encountering it. The user must switch it on
  3. The installation should automatically continue

A few seconds after the last step the installation of the Betway apk should finish, and the program will be immediately available for its use. In general, it should be said that despite requiring some workarounds for setting up the software in Android tablets and smartphones, the process is still very simple, quick and safe.

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And if it is desired to setup the Betway app in devices with iOS?

iOS users are lucky at this stage, because they don’t need to perform a workaround like the previous one indicated for people who own an Android device. If someone would like to install the Betway Kenya app in an iPad or an iPhone, the user only needs to obtain it and set it up directly from the AppStore.

An advantage that the iOS users have in this case, is that the application update process is completely automatic, meaning that no user intervention is required when a new version of the software is released. On the other hand, Android customers must manually and periodically check the downloads section of the Betway site However, most of the time that an update is available the Android users will be notified when opening the gambling and casino app.

When that happens, they must make the same steps explained in the previous section.

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Hardware requirements needed to Betway app download in both systems

As introduced at the beginning of this article, the current version of the Betway mobile app is extremely light and efficient, meaning that it doesn’t have demanding system specs that the devices of the users must comply with. In other words, it is not necessary to have the most recent and expensive tablet or mobile phone for properly using the software. Even the most graphics intensive casino games work games in devices with the minimum specs.

Going into specific, iOS users need to have iOS 7.0 or a more recent iteration in their devices. This means that the customer must have the iPhone 5 or a newer version. Also, all versions of the iPad are capable of executing the program.

Crossing into the Android system requirements, the oldest version of the system currently supported is the 4.1. Some users have managed to make the app work in Android 4.0, but in those cases the live streamings will not work.

At the same time, a screen with no less than 320×480 pixels is required. However, a great majority of the devices currently in use have screens much larger than this, meaning that this shouldn’t be a major concern.

In both Android and iOS the installer will have a size of approximately 2.5 megabytes. The fully installed Betway app will take a few tens of megabytes of storage. Despite this minuscule size, people who are struggling with their availability of internal space should know that they can always make use of the mobile version of the Betway website, which works in almost every device currently in existence. It can run even in gadgets with specs lower than the ones previously mentioned.

Both the Betway mobile app and the mobile website share the same features. Meaning that in both platforms players can place bets (with the same odds that exist in the main webpage), play in the casino, pay and withdraw funds, claim Betway promo code, and much more. Of course, the software is distributed for completely free.

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Conclusions after attempting to use the Betway mobile app

The Betway company as a whole is famous for the large amount of sports that it covers in their betting section, and also in the hundreds of games that users can enjoy in the casino. They have been among the leaders between the major bookmakers for many years already.

This trend now continues. Considering that a lot of people owns a smartphone these days, it is essential to all service companies, including sportsbooks, to also bring their respective services to the mobile phones.

This is where the Betway mobile app excels, because its most recent version introduced an even better interface, which manages to put all the services and features that users already are familiar with from the desktop webpage into their mobile program. The best of all of this is that all those features are available without overwhelming the screen with different elements. This fact has also helped to convince new people to join.

On the contrary, everything has been categorized and put in an order based on how popular different services are. Still, any service or feature that a user needs will be just a few taps away. This another reason why the Betway Kenya app is one of the best currently available.Registration With Bonus

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